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Instructions for determining your Mounting/Adaptor Plate

There are several different ways to mount Power-Pole anchors to your boat. Power-Pole work closely with all major boat and motor manufacturers to determine the best mounting option for your particular boat, motor, and jackplate configuration.

Because of the exhaustive array of configuration options available Power-Pole have put together a very powerful Adapter Plate Wizard to help you to find the perfect adaptor for virtually any boat, motor and jack plate configuration.

Multiple solutions may appear as a result of your entered information but our preferred recommendation will be at the top of the list followed by all other acceptable options. Alternative options may also appear according to your motor size so please examine the results carefully before placing your order.

After completing Power-Pole’s Adapter Plate Wizard take note of your results and come back to this page and fill in our form.

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Hobie Kayak and Hobie SUPs

The Power-Pole Micro anchor is perfect for Hobie kayaks and Hobie stand up paddleboards. Hobie and Power-Pole have worked together, for over a decade, to easily feature direct integration of the Micro anchor to your Hobie product. Hobie offer adapter plates to accommodate the Power-Pole Micro anchor.

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  • What are the specifications of your boat?

  • IE: Cobia Boats
  • After finding the appropriate Mounting Plate Wizard from Power-Pole's website. Enter the recommended Model Number here.

    IE: PKD-S-2-2 or Dual Braced Kit S-N2-6

  • Please note: Some mounting options are only available in black.
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